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The art of capturing your most intimate self

Artistic nude, sensuality, boudoir, etc. are images both erotic, sometimes, and always intimate.

All my photographs are born from a respectful and honest look towards my models and pursue a clear goal: to show their incomparable beauty. They are shadows, lines and textures that try to tell a little story: sometimes real, sometimes invented.

The woman body is my main source of inspiration, but the sensual view, and even erotic, are also often present in my photographs. Each person transmits something different and shows only what they want to show, that’s why I try to capture with my camera not only the obvious and present but also the intangible feelings.

In my portfolio you will find some examples of this inspiration seen through my lens.

Capturing the magic of each person in a snapshot is not easy. So I feel like a constant learner trying to keep my senses and mind open to experiment, to look for new ways of doing things, to consider suggestions, to drink from different sources to let me influence… In short, open to absorb everything that enriches my way of “seeing” and that helps me create more accurate and faithful photographs, the unique essence of each person and situation.

I know I am very fortunate to have the trust of the people who come in front of my camera (thank you!). I enjoy and learn creating with them and they are, ultimately, the protagonists of all of this. Without those brave people who allow me to show me its essence would also have pictures, but would not be mine or ours.

Born and raised in vibrant Barcelona, ​​you can still find me out there.

Do you want a photo shoot? Do you have doubts about the process and the result? Not sure if you will feel comfortable naked on camera? Do you have a project? A special idea?

Do not hesitate, and write me and I tell what you want to know:

I am open to proposals and collaborations; ask me and we’ll talk about it.

Custom budgets.